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Resident Evil 3 St. Michael's Chapel Remake

This is a personal project of mine. I'm a hardcore Resident Evil fan and with Capcom's remake of 2 and 3 I wanted to do my own version of a remake. I was looking forward to the reimagining of the St. Michael's Clock Tower in Resident Evil 3 but the only remake we were given was the exterior. So that's what led me to recreate this.

This has been and on and off project and I worked on it with what spare time I had between work and personal life. I ran into many challenges in the beginning and it was gathering reference for all the assets. Being that I couldn't find the exact shelves, pews, piano seen in the '99 classic I took my own liberties; Victorian style was the most accurate depiction I could find.

All assets were modeled from the ground up in Maya and I used Substance Painter for the textures. For the stained glass windows I cut out shapes from stained glass windows in churches and converted them into alphas.

Another challenge was using the nFluids in Maya to make the candle flames. But shoutout to Small Robot Studio for the tutorial vid (

Challenges and troubleshooting aside I had a lot of fun with this.

St. Michael's Chapel Save Room

St. Michael's Chapel Save Room